Emergency Dental Care




Broken teeth & fillings


Wisdom tooth pain


Accidents and trauma

We understand dental emergencies can arise at any moment. We endeavour to get all patients out of pain as quickly as possible. 

We have appointments available for emergencies. Please contact us to arrange a time. 

What to do in a dental emergency: 

If you’ve had an accident involving your teeth, the most important thing to do is remain calm. If you’ve sustained severe injuries that require medical attention, it is important to have these addressed first. You should then make an appointment with us as soon as possible.


If a tooth has been knocked out: 

1. Find the tooth and hold it ONLY by the white crown (not the root).

2. If it is an adult tooth, rinse gently with water and position it back in the socket. Do not wipe or scrub the root surface.

3. If it is a baby tooth, DO NOT put it back in the socket – this can cause damage to the adult tooth underneath the gum.

4. If you cannot reposition the tooth, store it in milk or saliva (not water), and go straight to a dentist.

Best results are possible within 30 minutes of the tooth being knocked out.

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