FORMERLY CITY DENTISTS, we have moved 700m from the REGENT Building (RIP)

Find out how much better and easier our all new upgraded facility really is !!!

FORMERLY CITY DENTISTS, we have moved 700m from the REGENT Building (RIP)

Find out how much better and easier our all new upgraded facility really is !!!


Teeth Maintenance and Hygiene

We have spared no expense in providing the best FACILITIES and building this excellent South Bank Dentists Team so we can provide the state-of-the-art treatment options. Our heavy investment in advanced technologies not only improves your treatment, quality, accuracy and outcomes but makes them more AFFORDABLE!.

Our Approach: Prevention, Conservation and Minimally invasive Dentistry (MID)

To deliver excellent outcomes, not just in treatment but a health outcome, requires a careful approach with meticulous attention to detail, understanding and patience. Prevent, Maintain, Save, Monitor, Fortify, Enhance and in dire situations replace. Our patient keep their own teeth and if they are missing some we give them new ones.

Getting a smile you deserve..


Sick of hiding your smile? Photo of baby smiling with no teeth

There are always various options for various budgets. These can be staged or done at once

Why not come in for a cosmetic consult?

What makes an attractive smile?


Put diagrams of the metrics of elegant smiles here including dimensions.

Put diagrams of different shapes for different personalities

Assertive <<-->> to Elegant midrange <<-->> softer curvy

Diagram of Effect of Smile line - Bunny look <<-->> grinder

There are always various options for various budgets. These can be staged or done at once

Why not come in for a cosmetic consult?


We have the latest digital diagnostics available

Accurate and Early diagnosis is the key to preventing extra unnecessary dental problems and conditions. And Expense We have everything from laser caries diagnostics to Salivary tests to digital imaging to Cone Beam CT. See more... Peace of mind for both you and us.

Sleep Apnoea

About Snoring and Sleep Apnea devices...

Snoring and Sleep Apnea can sometimes be alleviated by the use of an oral device. Whether the device is useful depends very much on what type of obstruction (which causes the apnea or the snoring) the individual suffers from.

Sleep Studies (at a sleep centre eg: Wesley Sleep Centre) and airways studies (radiographic) may be useful in ascertaining whether one of these devices may be useful in treating these complaints.

It is important to correctly diagnose whether an oral device will provide a solution.

Obviously it is a lot easier to wear an oral device and far less costly than use a C-PAP machine .

Indeed, in many cases of sleep apnea a positive air-pressure or C-PAP machine unfortunately may be the correct treatment so therefore a correct diagnosis is important in ascertaining the effectiveness of any oral devices or in fact any solution.

These oral devices generally work by advancing and hold the mandible open and forward 60-70% of the jaws range which helps maintain an open airway. Being not the most natural position some individuals can have a little trouble adapting the sleeping with the device.

These devices can be less effective over time as the tissue and individual adapts.

There are literally 50 different FDA (USA)approved devices (see some on this link)[one for every day of the month]

The [currently] most fashionable types...

The SOMNOMED a sturdy and adjustable device but reasonable bulky. More expensive, patented but prefered by many sleep clinics.

The MDSA an Australian device for anti snoring and mild sleep apnea

The SILENT NIGHT - primarily an anti-snoring device - less expensive can be slightly less robust.

Prevention Centric Team Approach

Our team has been carefully selected on professionalism, talent, quality and integrity collaborating to develop the best outcomes. The focus being conservation with a long term view for our patients health, we have TWO hygienists on our team to affordably maintain and care for your smile. With our three dentists we cover full service dentistry and our treatment protocols are developed and refined with three heads collaborating towards the best outcomes. Our caring, friendly and professional clinical and patient support team are career professionals who are dedicated to making for experience and outcomes the best humanly possible. Meet our Team...

We care about your safety and comfort

For your safety we fully drape wrap every individual treatment room for every procedure in biodegradable plastics in a 'best practice infection control' protocol with full instrument sterilisation tracking and single use policy.

We explain and show you

Digital imaging and intra-oral cameras allow you to see any issue for yourself. We explain any treatment options available and we provide costed treatment options.
The cornerstone of effective preventive care and better outcomes is patient education - We want you to be informed and we have multiple different demonstrations, movie clips, eduction packages, treatment informations and advices so you can help yourself get the best outcome.

Digital Imaging and Diagnostics
Digital Intra Oral Magnification
using our special cameras to get a close up for improved diagnosis and so you can even be shown any problems you may have. We can take stills or video.

Digital Intra Oral xray imaging
whilst providing us with a superior diagnostic image, for your added safety it requires a far reduced xray dose instantly (NB: Only available if required diagnostically)

Mini laser diagnostics to reproducably assist in testing your teeth for cavities. DiagnodentTM is a pain free and non-invasive aid in cavity diagnostics

Digital extra-oral OPG and Small-Field capable Cone Beam 3d Computerised Tomography (CT) for low dose 3d and OPG diagnostic radiographic examinations (NB: Only available if required diagnostically

We care about your comfort.

Whilst our technology reduces treatment times we play your movie and entertainment selections over the chairs in our state of the art operatories. We have access and accessibility chairs and memory foam neck comfort supports. We use numbing gels and wait for them to work.

Sense Of Humor

Our in chair movie selections really say it all really, but it is also important to point out that humour is the first pillar of understanding and empathy.
If a wise man once said the "a short memory is the cornerstone of good relationships" then surely humour and grace are that of understanding and empathy.

Experience and Continuety

Various members of this team have been working together for nearly a decade. The practice principal Clive Bennett has been looking after our patient group in Brisbane City for nearly 20 years (that is the most he will ever admit).